"Conrad Asturi Studios designs exquisite residences with the California contemporary lifestyle in mind, integrating traditional materials and craftsmanship in a modern way."


Conrad Sanchez and his design team at Conrad Asturi are committed to conceptual collaboration with each client, designing homes that beautifully express the individuality of the homeowner while integrating the natural and distinctive characteristics of the building site.

Conrad Sanchez's body of work strikes an aesthetic balance between modern and traditional sensibilities; nature, function and form are intentionally integrated to serve both the practical and the visual.

The terrain for each residence is considered to be the essential element of the completed design. Each sites’ unique terroir provides the palette for the design inspiration. Conrad weds clean lines to simple, forms, with an intuitive appreciation of space, light, color and setting.

Clients find the homes he has designed to be immeasurably livable while also contributing to the rich history of contemporary American design.