Edan Asturi Principal Designer

"I have a strong commitment to beautiful, efficient and sustainable architecture and design that will be as relevant and functional years from now as it was when it was built."

Edan Asturi has a real love for the hands-on process of architectural design and project management. A licensed architect, He has a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley and over 20 years of experience in all aspects of residential design, including working partnerships with architects, civil and structural engineers, general contractors and landscape architects.

His sense of design is influenced by his travels in Italy as well as the native beauty of California’s coast and mountains. Edan was also deeply influenced by his apprenticeship with the Modesto architect Ralph Morgan who instilled in him a love for the modern and its importance in California’s lifestyle.  

Edan respects the natural beauty of California's terrain and designs residences that emphasize and complement it, with an eye to integrating great design with practical function. He is a seasoned and experienced designer, dedicated to bringing the best of design, craftsmanship to every project, with a true sense of integrity. 

Architect license # C39150